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Goodbye 2015 – Hello 2016

And just like that we say goodbye to another year. In the flower world it doesn’t make much difference as we are guided by season. Bye-bye peonies, hello Dahlias! Another one of our favourite flowers, the Dahlia is a genus of bushy, tuberous, herbaceous perennial plants native to Mexico. As if we needed another excuse to travel to Mexico! They are also a relative to the more common sunflower, zinnia & daisy.

Dahlias come in many different shades ranging from bright fresh citrus colours of yellow and orange through to rich burgundy’s to nearly black.

The tall varieties can grow as high as 1.8 metres and even up to 50cm wide! Now that’s what we can a tall flower! You’ll see them being used in our designs from around December through til May.

Whilst they require a bit of care and maintenance, Dahlias provide a great display in the garden and they repay fully any care you give them, with their wonderful varied blooms of the most amazing colours.

To check out some Ahh-mazing Dahlia blooms I suggest you check out our friend Erin from Floret over in the USA on this link www.floretflowers.com

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